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A live auction is usually the highlight of a fundraiser. This is where the lion’s share of your auction money will be raised. In order for it to be a success, the Live Auction needs to be fast paced, exciting, fun, and orchestrated like a theatrical production. Independent Galleries can provide a trained professional auctioneer to conduct your live auction, oversee and coordinate your silent auction, or emcee your event.

For an especially memorable evening, Brian Jaffe is available for special appearances. Brian is the owner and operator of Independent Galleries and has definitely earned the title “America’s Premier Comic Auctioneer”. He has auctioned off items as diverse as fine art, sports memorabilia and collectibles, vacations, a vintage Rolls Royce and yes, even a nose job!

How does he do it? With a combination of high energy and a standup comic’s wit, his audiences laugh– and the more they laugh, the more they buy! Brian has helped raise as much as $500,000 in a single evening just by keeping his audience laughing.

Because of his renowned spontaneity, each of his auctions is truly unique and tailored to fit the individual styles and needs of his clients.