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Silent Consignment Auctions

In the Silent Auction all of the items are on display at the same time throughout the auction area. Each Item will have a Silent Bid Sheet next to it with a minimum opening bid and increments. To bid on any item, simply write in your name and amount on the line. The first bid must be the minimum requested, and each consecutive bid must be at east the minimum increment over the previous amount. If others bid after you, you can return to that item and bid again, following the same rules. You may bid as often as you like. When the silent auction is closed, the highest bidder on the sheet wins

Silent Auction Services

We recognize that while every fund raiser is unique, they all have one need in common: the ability to raise funds without putting overwhelming demands on professional staff and limited volunteer resources. The All Gain, No Pain silent auction is designed to answer each of these needs!

Working together with organizations that are already conducting fund raisers like golf tournaments and dinner dances, we carefully design a complimentary selection of fine art, sports & celebrity memorabilia as well as collectibles from around the world for inclusion into the existing event as a silent auction. Bringing the excitement of an auction to a traditionally non-auction event will do more than raise funds. It will make this an evening your guests will ask you to repeat again and again! We call it All Gain, No Pain because that’s exactly how it works.