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Live Consignment Auctions

This is the typical auction you're likely to be used to - just like Sotheby's or Christie's, only a lot more fun! The auctioneer will offer each item individually, starting each with an opening or minimum bid. To bid on an item, simply hold up your paddle so the auctioneer can see your bidding number. You can keep bidding until you win the item, or you can stop anytime the price goes too high for you.

Live Auction Services

For groups that are looking to add a great special event to their fund raising calendars with a minimum of effort and planning - Independent Galleries offers Fine Art and Collectibles Fund Raising Auction. Let Independent Galleries' trained auction professionals show you how to put this special event to work for your organization.

From the moment we decide to work together with you on your event and set a date for your auction on our calendar, we develop a cohesive strategic plan to maximize your fundraising efforts. If it doesn’t work for you, it cannot work for us.

We provide you with:

- On-going consultations with our fundraising auction coordinators
- Invitations and flyers
- Committee ideas and networking techniques
- All the promotional ideas and media tips you’ll need